11/27/2006 MRWRM-16 Presentations  

Friday, November 17, 2006
  Time Session Title Presenter
1 09:00 Gravitational Waves Mode-sum regularization of the scalar self-force in Schwarzschild spacetime Eric Poisson
2 09:15 Gravitational Waves Scalar self-force for eccentric orbits in Schwarzschild spacetime Roland Haas
3 09:30 Gravitational Waves A method of osculating orbits in Schwarzschild Adam Pound
4 09:45 Gravitational Waves Self-force in a gauge appropriate to separable wave equations Tobias Keidl
5 10:00 Gravitational Waves Extreme-mass-ratio binaries in the Lorentz gauge Carlos F. Sopuerta
6 10:15 Gravitational Waves Accurate time-domain gravitational waveforms for extreme-mass-ratio binaries Lior Burko
7 10:45 Gravitational Waves How to kick a hole and other eccentric stories Nicolas Yunes
8 11:00 Gravitational Waves Gravitational radiation reaction for inspiralling binaries: spin-spin effects to 3.5 post-Newtonian order Han Wang
9 11:15 Gravitational Waves Spin-orbit gravitational radiation reaction for two-body systems Jing Zeng
10 11:30 Gravitational Waves Motions of Self-Gravitating Bodies to the Second Post-Newtonian Order of General Relativity Tom Mitchell
11 11:45 Quantum Gravity Effects of Dynamical Compactification on D-Dimensional Gauss-Bonnet FRW Cosmology Brett Bolen
12 12:00 Quantum Gravity Gravity events at the TeV scale Arunava Roy
13 12:15 Quantum Gravity Generalizing the Kodama state Andrew Randono
14 14:00 Experimental Gravity Gravitational bending of light by planetary multipoles and its measurement by optical and radio interferometers with microarcsecond accuracy Sergei Kopeikin
15 14:15 Experimental Gravity Gravitational Tests of Lorentz Symmetry Quentin G. Bailey
16 14:30 Experimental Gravity Tests of Lorentz Symmetry with Gravitationally Coupled Fermions Jay d. Tasson
17 14:45 Experimental Gravity PPN parameters in Einstein-aether theory Igor Vlasov
18 15:00 Experimental Gravity Probing TeV Scale Black Hole Production at the South Pole Matthew Glenz
19 15:15 Experimental Gravity Black holes and strings in the water tap Vitor Cardoso
20 15:45 Mathematical Relativity Gravitational Diffraction Radiation Marco Cavaglia
21 16:00 Mathematical Relativity Gravitational Diffraction Radiation - follow up Jun-qi Guo
22 16:15 Mathematical Relativity A Higher Dimensional Stationary Rotating Black Hole Must be Axisymmetric Akihiro Ishibashi
23 16:30 Mathematical Relativity A generalized variational principle for spherically symmetric solutions Michael Seifert
24 16:45 Mathematical Relativity Pre-metric electromagnetism and complex relativity David Delphenich
25 17:00 Mathematical Relativity Lambda-renormalized Einstein-Schrodinger theory: an alternative to Einstein-Maxwell theory James Shifflett
26 17:15 Mathematical Relativity Recent results in the topology of the causal boundary for conformally static-complete spacetimes Steve Harris
27 17:30 Mathematical Relativity Outer Trapped Surfaces in Vaidya Spacetimes Ishai Ben-dov
28 17:45 Mathematical Relativity Area Invariance of the Apparent Horizon under arbitrary Lorentz Boosts. Sarp Akcay

Saturday, November 18, 2006
  Time Session Title Presenter
1 09:00 Cosmology Cosmological scale tests of gamma=1 Edmund Bertschinger
2 09:15 Cosmology General Relativistic Alternatives for Dark Matter and Dark Energy Grant Mathews
3 09:30 Cosmology Dark energy in f(R) gravity Nikodem Poplawski
4 09:45 Cosmology Modified theories of gravity in cosmology Gonzalo J. Olmo
5 10:00 Quantum Field Theory Nontrivial Spacetimes and the (Cosmological) Casimir Effect Paul Sutter
6 10:15 Quantum Field Theory Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime Robert Wald
7 10:45 Numerical Relativity Cosmos++: Evolving General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics on Unstructured Grids Karen Camarda
8 11:00 Numerical Relativity General relativistic magnetohydodynamical simulations of rapidly rotating neutron stars Yuk tung Liu
9 11:15 Numerical Relativity Simulations of rotating, magnetized core collapse in full general relativity Branson Stephens
10 11:30 Numerical Relativity General relativistic simulations of slowly rotating, magnetized stars: A perturbative metric approach Zachariah Etienne
11 11:45 Numerical Relativity Black hole-neutron star binaries in general relativity: Quasiequilibrium sequences Keisuke Taniguchi
12 12:00 Numerical Relativity Black Hole-Neutron Star Binaries in General Relativity: Dynamical Evolutions and Astrophysical Implications Joshua Faber
13 12:15 Numerical Relativity Mergers of Black Hole - Neutron Star binaries : Methods and First Results Emmanouela Rantsiou
14 14:00 Numerical Relativity The Periodic Standing Wave Approximation at the Post-Minkowksi Level Richard Price
15 14:15 Numerical Relativity 1+log slicing in gravitational collapse simulations David Garfinkle
16 14:30 Numerical Relativity The role of the momentum constraints in the BSSN formulation Adrian Gentle
17 14:45 Numerical Relativity Well-posedness of constrained evolution of 3+1 formulations of GR Vasileios Paschalidis
18 15:00 Numerical Relativity Computational General Relativisitic Astrophysics at Wash U: What Are We Doing Lately? Wai-mo Suen
19 15:15 Numerical Relativity Validity and Capability of GRAstro_AMR Mew-bing Wan
20 15:45 Numerical Relativity Comparing NS Inspiral Simulations and the Pre-mature Collapse Problem Jian Tao
21 16:00 Numerical Relativity How Much Angular Momentum Can Stop a Prompt Collapse in NS Coalescences? Hui-min Zhang
22 16:15 Numerical Relativity When Will the Conformal Flatness and Quasi-Equilibrium Assumptions Be Valid in NS Inspiral? Randy Wolfmeyer
23 16:30 Numerical Relativity Can Critical Collapse Occur in Nature ? Ke-jian Jin
24 16:45 Other/Any Was Einstein Right? Not Quite! N. Glenn Gratke